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       昆山市震川金属彩板有限公司位于美丽富饶的长江三角洲,上海的后花园―――昆山市,人杰地灵,经济发达。本公司主要生产制造岩棉板、楼承板、c型钢 、彩钢瓦、夹心板等建材产品。公司紧靠312国道、沪宁高速、京沪铁路,东邻长江,水陆交通十分便利。



       Zhenchuan Colored Steel-Sheets Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City along the rich and beautiful Changjiang River Delta. It is a rear economic garden to Shanghai. The greatness of a man lends glory to this place. It has the booming economy here.The company is close to 312 State Road, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway. It is adjacent to the Changjiang River in the east. It is easily accessible by land or water.


       Zhenchuan Company is a novel type private business. The company is divided into Colored Steel-Sheets Headquarters and Sandwich Panels Branch. It covers a total area of 14,000 square meters. The annual productive capacity is 500,000 square meters of various colored steel-sheet sandwich panels. It also receives one-continuous-line services of the design, processing, manufacture, installation to all kinds of the prefabs, light steel construction factory Houses. Relying on the developing spirits of “Hard Struggle, Constantly Striving to Become Stronger”, it keeps introducing the novel colored steel-sheet production lines and technology, enhancing the product quality, opening up the market. It does its own bit in bringing about the soaring economy in Kunshan city.



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